De wereld is van glas

Andreas Burnier (author)
De wereld is van glas
Andreas Burnier
Den Haag: Stichting Uitgeverij XL, 1998
304 p.

About Andreas Burnier

CC BY-SA 3.0 nl - Image by Roland Gerrits / Anefo

Andreas Burnier, born Catharina Irma Dessaur (3 July 1931 – 18 September 2002) was a Dutch writer. Burnier has published poetry, lectures, books and articles, many of which address homosexuality, in order to emphasize women's problems in a male-dominated society.

Literary debut

Burnier debuted in the literary magazine Tirade with her story Verschrikkingen van het Noorden. Along with assuming a new name as a writer, Burnier also assumed the opposite gender. In 1965, she published her first novel, Een tevreden lach (the title of which translates as something like "A Contented Laugh"). In it she wrote about her homosexuality, a topic that had previously not been widely discussed in Dutch literature. She did not mean to publish this novel at first as she wrote it for herself due to the need of reflection, and she deemed it unfit for publication, but after coming into cont…Read more on Wikipedia