Zuivering : roman

Tom Lanoye (author)
Zuivering : roman
Zuivering : roman Zuivering : roman

Zuivering : roman

Tom Lanoye (author)
Gideon Rottier is een einzelgänger met een spraakgebrek en een uitzonderlijk beroep. Hij maakt huizen schoon na brand, overstroming of zelfmoord. Zijn nieuwe collega, een vluchteling genaamd Youssef, redt hem het leven. In ruil belooft Gideon de zorg op zich te nemen voor Youssefs gezin, in een wereld die met de dag vijandiger en gewelddadiger lijkt te worden. Zuivering is een Lanoye pur sang: vi
Zuivering : roman
Tom Lanoye
Amsterdam: Prometheus, 2017

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About Tom Lanoye

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Tom Lanoye (his name is pronounced the French way: /lanwa/) was born 27 August 1958 in the Belgian city Sint Niklaas. He is a novelist, poet, columnist, screenwriter and playwright. He is one of the most widely read and honoured authors in his language area (the Netherlands and Flanders), and makes regular appearances at all the major European theatre festivals.


Lanoye was the youngest son of a butcher. He attended the Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie College in Sint-Niklaas. At the time it was a single-sex boys' school. He studied Germanic Philology and Sociology at Ghent University. At that time he was also an active member of the free-thinking Taalminnend Studenten Genootschap (language-loving student society) with the name 't Zal Wel Gaan. He graduated with a thesis entitled 'The Poetry of Hans Warren'. Tom Lanoye self-published his first work. In his own words, 'Just like all the punk bands did in those days: out of dis…Read more on Wikipedia